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Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ATL Housewives: Some Things Never Change

NeNe still has a big mouth.

Kim’s still fake.

Kandi’s got a new boo.

Sheree still looks like a man.

Lisa got the boot.

NeNe is a mess. She always talks about keeping it real but that’s a joke. She talks about everything and everybody but when she is put on the spot she gets very defensive and angry. On the first season I thought that she was just outgoing and funny but now she is too Hollywood and a little full of herself. Nothing good is going to come from NeNe and Kim being friends again. Their very first conversation started out with gossip. If NeNe’s husband borrowed $10,000 dollars from Dwight she has the right to be upset but talk to your husband first and then handle the situation like a woman. This may be asking too much of a woman like NeNe.

Kim’s breasts are bigger and more fake looking than last season? She stills smokes like a chimney and has a drink in every scene. Kim & NeNe are best friends again. How long do you think this will last? Kim is officially a double dipper. She will do anything for attention. First she dates this married man on national TV and next she is bumpin p****** with some she-he DJ. What example is she setting for her girls?

Kandi has a new boo. I have to disagree with Kim. This guy is not cute. He looks like he just did 5-10 or maybe he was homeless. Either way I think she can do better. The whole celibacy thing is a joke. How can you be celibate and still have oral sex. I think Kandi should look celibacy up in the dictionary.

Sheree’s boring and annoying. Why did Bravo bring her back? I rather look at Lisa and her sexy husband Ed than watch Sheree try to become an actress. First she wants to be a fashion designer and now an actress. I think she should just do what normal people do. Get a job!

Where did Dwight get so much money to give away? Does he have a job? I never see him working on anything but running his mouth. He was wrong for telling Kim NeNe’s personal business. He’s a two-faced wanna be housewife with nothing to do.

Phaedra is the stuck-up new bitch on the block with the ex-con fiancĂ©. She is really full of herself. It’s nothing wrong with a strong, professional black woman but this chick is a little over the top. Obviously she controls him. Is it because she has the money or she can’t get another man.

Well Ladies & Gents the drama is just beginning. I am looking forward to a drama filled season. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Do you raise your kids to act like this???

Bad Girls Club Miami

I always wonder where does Oxygen find psyco, jobless, trash to live in the bad girls house.  These woman have no respect for themselves or their parents. Why would anyone act like this?

Monday, September 27, 2010

DC Housewives: Boring, Slow & Dull

DC Housewives have to be the worst show of all time. These ladies are boring, dull and lame. Am I the only one who thinks Bravo is taking this housewife thing to far? They should have stopped at New Jersey.

Meet the DC Housewives:
Stacie the beautiful, laid back realtor who doesn’t believe in gay marriage. Who cares? Everyone has their own views and if this is what she believes in than that’s her business. She has 2 beautiful children and a handsome husband. That is great! BORING!!!!!!!!! It’s not entertaining to watch Stacie live her perfect life. This is reality TV right? I know that Stacie and her husband have some kind of arguments, or drama. If not, this reality TV is more scripted than I thought.

Catherine the diva with more wrinkles and crow’s feet than Betty White.  This lady talks too much about nothing. It is obvious to me that she thinks she’s better than everyone with all her opinions and smart comments. She is married to Obama’s photographer and I guess she thinks that gives her the right to talk smack about the president. Catherine is just some skinny bitch, with an accent. Does she have a job? What is her purpose?

Lynda is full of herself. This lady is nuts. I never understand anything she talks about. She walks around with her black boyfriend like he is a trophy. News Flash: It’s plenty of rich white women with money that have black boyfriends. Try another fad.
Mary‘s a crybaby with no backbone. Catherine controls her and talks behind her back about how she raises her kids. Mary complains about her daughter moving back home and wearing her clothes.  I guess that’s the only thing going on in her life.
Michaele and her husband are scam artist. These people should be behind bars. How awful did Michaele look with those cheerleaders? She looked like an ex-playmate straight out of rehab.  Get a real job!

As you can see it’s not much to say about these housewives. I hope that they are not back for another season. This is still just a waste of a good time slot.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Hello All! I know it has been awhile since my last post but I am back! So much has happen but I’ve been following all of this seasons episodes. So let’s get right to it.

The ladies of RHONJ were a bit boring this season. Dina left the show, Danielle is still crazy and Teresa is bankrupt (Not surprised). There are rumors that Danielle is leaving the show. If that’s true the show would be just as boring as the DC housewives. Talk about a waste of a good time slot!

Danielle is a whack job. This woman obviously has some major issues. I think that is one of the qualifications of being on the Bravo network. You must have issues. Danielle’s issues stem from her childhood. She never got that much attention and now she will do anything to be in the spotlight. You would think after 47 years and having children one would grow up. Every where she goes she has to have security. For some reason she fears for her life. Oprah doesn’t have that much security and she is more important than Danielle.

She should be worried about the person she kidnapped in the pass coming back to kick her ass not four prissy housewives from New Jersey. This lady is psycho, confused and crazy. First season she is looking for a man with money to take care of her and her girls but now she’s a lesbian. I am not surprised. Danielle will pop that coochie for anyone who has money. Let’s pray her children don’t grow up just as confused and crazy as she is. It may just be too late.

Jacqueline is so sweet. She seems to be a loving wife and mother who wants to enjoy life. Her husband Chris is a no nonsense kind of guy. I think if he was around from day one giving Ashley the beat down she might not be so spoiled and immature. Jacqueline seems too sweet to be on the show. I know we are seeing one side to her but I don’t think she is as crazy as everybody else.

Dina left the show to get away from Danielle. WTF? Does Dina really think we believe she let Danielle mess with her money? There is a story behind this and I hope the media can figure it out soon.

Caroline is a terminator. She calls it like she sees it and she doesn’t play games. She knew Danielle was trash and the other ladies didn’t listen. I am so glad she didn’t get involved with the Danielle and Kim G drama. Her kids are nice, respectful and well trained. I didn’t really understand the sit down with Danielle. I love Caroline but she’s no miracle worker. She can’t fix Danielle or even make her listen to reason.

Kim G wants to be the 5th house wife. She seems like a lonely old lady with a lot of money with nothing to do. I believe that her relationship with Danielle was a lesbian relationship that went wrong. Danielle was looking for a sugar daddy or mama and that is how she met Kim G. She gave her what she needed at the time. A sponsor and once Kim G pissed off Danielle she went and found a new one. Kim G’s 15 minutes are up.

I am so so so sick of Teresa. What happen to her? Is this the same person from last season? The same thing that happen to Nene (RHOA) happen to Teresa. She turned Hollywood. Her head got as big as my ass. Actually I think Teresa’s head may match her ass. This whole season all she did was brag and pick at Danielle. She needs to spend more time teaching her girls home training instead of getting involved in nonsense. I could not believe how her children behaved on the vacation. Yelling and screaming in public places, trying to hit Caroline in the face, and talking back to adults. Teresa is trying to raise little divas and should be trying to raise little ladies. Another thing Teresa and Nene have in common is that they are broke. I understand when investments go bad but to spend what you don’t have is crazy. I hope that Teresa gets her finances in order for the sake of her children. She shouldn’t teach her daughters to just throw money away.

Can’t wait for the reunion show. I hope Danielle doesn’t sing.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Jersey brings the drama!

Danielle is crazy. The Manzo’s throw a party. Jacqueline’s daughter needs a reality check and Teresa’s family is too cute.

This season gets right to the drama. Let’s start with the insane crazy lady that everybody loves to hate. Danielle really has some major issues. It’s funny to me how she wants us to think that everybody is against her for no reason. I must admit last season I felt a little sorry for her but now I am seeing her for what she is. A crazy, needy, psycho bitch that is obviously missing something in her life. It makes me upset to see her put her children in the middle of her nonsense. This woman needs to talk to a therapist not a priest. Danielle is a devil in disguise.

Dina seemed a little weird to me with the cats and all those statues around her house. She doesn’t look as happy as she did last season. Maybe if she had her daughter on the show she would be in a better mood. I am glad Dina didn’t go along with the gossip at Caroline party. Why listen to some drunken old lady talk about someone she is friends with. If she wasn’t Danielle’s friend then why does she let Danielle run a tab at her store?
Jacqueline and her husband are so cute. They seem to have a lot of respect and love for each other and I love it. I was a little confused about Jacqueline saying she would still be friends with Danielle. On the reunion show Jacqueline said she was done and didn’t want anything to do with her. Did they make up after the show? Ashley needs a reality check. She is disrespectful, rude and spoiled. I think Chris and Jacqueline show stop paying for her car and show Ashley how hard it is out in the real world. One day she will learn and I hope it’s not the hard way.
Caroline is so sweet. Seeing her with her husband made me smile. He looks great. Caroline surprised me at the party. I didn’t like the way she starting gossiping with that trash box, drunken friend of Danielle’s. She should have known better.

Teresa’s family has a beautiful relationship. The girls seem to be a little spoiled but what do you expect when you are raising four little divas. I hope that Teresa can just ignore Danielle and not fall into the gossip like last season.